Giclee Prints

Giclee, pronounced "jhee-clay" is a sophisticated inkjet printing method. It merges the use of professional grade large format printers with archival pigment inks, on acid free watercolor papers. Pigment printing refers to the use of pigments in various states to achieve brilliant and long lasting work. Artists have painted with pigments for centuries with the purpose of creating fade resistant and saturated colors. Now these pigments are combined with modern technology to produce prints with a 100+ year archival life span, and color fidelity unmatched by any other print process. The beauty of your giclee print will be enjoyed without fading for decades.

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Print Offerings

Both our Limited Editions and open edition prints are produced in the same way as discribed above, the cost, numbering, size and signature distinguish the Limited Editions from our open edition print offerings that are initialed.

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All limited editions and giclee prints produced after August 29, 2021 will be signed, numbered and initialed by a personal representative. Copyright© 2023 ps Streamline Indus.LLC. and Thomas Stream Gallery: Online, Aleut Artist. All rights reserved.
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