In the Late 80’s a new awareness arose within me, a new pride and a new deep appreciation of my ancestral heritage. A new distinctive style was born that symbolizes and captures the quality of the Aleutian people through the colors of nature – The Creature Series. My paintings are celebrations not only to the Aleutian people of Alaska, but especially to the Aleut and Native American who are displaced or relocated throughout the United States and Abroad from their origin.


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The images rendered in my painting exemplify the Aleut hunter, by using their beautiful ornate headgear as an allegory. The Aleut headgear was thought to have powers "to the wearer" that he could become a mighty hunter. It also hid his human identity and, at the same time furnish him with a unique foresight that he could confuse the animal by creating the appearance of similarity that he was actually the same creature. 

By using this concept I can illustrate the Aleutian people in utilizing the creatures of the sky, sea, and land to depict the wonderful witness to their strength, playfulness, sensitivity, power, and hardships within their environment.

Geometric designs are embodied into the creatures to illuminate the immortal soul, moving, reaching, calling to the Creator and creation. The unique elements of design are formulated into: endless space, time, energy, movement, and light.

The Headgear, hats and visors are symbols of respect while the ornate sea lion whiskers that protrude from the hat represent accomplishment and great courage. Although the hunter’s hat is of male gender, it celebrates honor and gratitude, for the men, women, and children of my ancestral heritage.

The beads are representative of wealth, recognizing the Aleut people wisdom. Living in a world of scarcity who became expert at deriving maximum benefits from the scant resources that nature provided.

The colors are the voice of life crying out; We are still here in harmony of spirit. Copyright© 2024 ps Streamline Indus.LLC. and Thomas Stream Gallery: Online, Aleut Artist. All rights reserved.
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